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The Twin Valley Community Education Foundation was established in 1998.  Since that time, the Foundation has assisted with the following community endeavors:

2018 TVCEF Annual Grant Winners

HBEC- BookBots – Janeen Moyer, Julia Sutu, The purpose of this grant is to engage the entire 4th grade student body at HBEC by combining literature (The Wild Robot book) and STEAM activities (Invent a motorized robot model kit) that not only promotes STEAM but also explores the themes of acceptance, cooperation, compassion and perseverance.

REC – Flexible Seating-Holly Hubert, Stephanie Koch, Jodie Kline, Tammy Eisenhard, Many young students have the need to move around while still completing work. Flexible seating through the purchase of Wobble Stools will allow for student movement while seated without disrupting the learning of others in the classroom. The ultimate goal of the flexible seating is to allow all students to be successful in the classroom.

TVEC – Kindness Mural-Heather McHugh, Rachel Klemmer, Carli Surak, This project will be a part of a school-wide kindness collaboration. During the collaboration, students will be challenged to demonstrate compassion through activities that require critical thinking, creativity, communication and teamwork. Students will each contribute a tile to a mosaic art mural that will remain an integral part of TVEC’s building reminding students to be kind to one another.

TVEC – Second Grade STEM Stations-Arielle Chirlin, Erin McCaughan, Rebecca Weaver, This grant for STEM stations will support student creativity and critical thinking. STEM stations will give students the opportunity to engage in hands on skill building activities while completing STEM challenges. Students will work with partners to formulate solutions to challenges and use their hands to create projects.

TVEC – UNICEF Kid Power Bands-Heather McHugh, The Kid Power Band is an activity tracker that not only monitors physical activity by tracking steps, but it also helps students to learn compassion and understanding by giving back to those in need. As students earn steps on their band, they will receive point and UNICEF will deliver Ready to Use Food packets to children in need.

TVMS – Flexible Seating/Standing Desks-Jack Morrison, This grant will be for the purchase of standing desks. The goal is to help students remain actively engaged learners in the Social Studies classroom. Studies have shown that people are more creative, think clearer and are more open to teamwork when standing.

TVMS – Flexible Seating for Increased Learning-Joli Mattia, Lauren Swan, Jen Koch, This grant will provide for a variety of flexible alternative seating in the 5th grade Language Arts classrooms. Students will feel empowered by having some degree of choice and control over their learning environment. It also helps young minds be more alert and focused.

TVHS – Flexible Seating in a Blended Classroom-Nicole Weaver, This grant will be used to enhance the seating in the resource room in the Agricultural wing of the high school. With the changes brought about by the 1 to 1 initiative and blended learning, the learning spaces need to be more flexible to encourage student collaboration.

TVHS – Weather Station-Mike Mannix, The purpose of this grant is to install a weather station to serve daily as a primary source of local weather data for a new high school weather and climate course that is being developed. In this course students will learn how to collect and analyze weather data.

2017 TVCEF Grant Award Winners

TVMS-Flexible Seating, Ms. Denise Reid- Creating a 21st Century Classroom by incorporating standing desks.

TVMS-Science Olympiad, Mr. Michael Smith-Providing an opportunity for enrichment and acceleration in a wide variety of science disciplines.

TVEC-iPad Listening Station, Ms. Jackie Cresswell, Ms. Tracy Gruin, and Ms. Jamie Burns-Enhancing literacy opportunities through the use of current technology inclusive of websites and education apps.

REC-Financial Responsibility for the Future, Ms. Julie Anderson, Mr. John Brennan, Ms. Pam Russell, Ms. Diane VanBodegraven-Applying mathematical problem solving to real world financial experiences using Chromebook technology.

HBEC-Using APPS to Close the Gaps, Ms. Misty Stoltzfus and Ms. Michele Murtaugh-Providing iPads and apps with reading intervention students to close gaps in reading education.

2016 TVCEF Grant Award Winners

HBEC-Honey Brook Mighty Milers-Mr. Greg Linsky-To purchase an IPAD and EZ Scan program to track student laps, miles, and shoe tokens earned during recess and running club. This grant will help our Honey Brook students stay healthy by encouraging them to track their fitness goals.

TVEC- “I-Counseling”-Ms. Kimberly Polansky-To purchase 2 mini-IPADS and counseling APPS. The purpose of the grant is to help students that have difficulty verbally expressing their feelings to engage through a hands on, visual approach to counseling.

TVMS-5th Grade Math/Science Chrome Books-5th Grade Math/Science Teachers-To purchase Chromebooks to improve the integration of technology and curriculum in the science and math classrooms.

TVHS/TVMS-Ground to Space Atmospheric Data Collection Project-Mr. Mike Mannix/Mr. Andy Stine (TVMS)-This is a cross-curricular project between the HS Physics 2 class and 6th grade science. The grant will be used to purchase sensors and electronics to launch a low-space balloon and analyze the flight data. This is an extension to the 15-16 grant to purchase the balloon and launch its’ first successful flight last year.

TVHS-The Valley Labyrinth-Ms. Jessica Miller-To offer a Writing Workshop station where students will work collaboratively to create and publish a literary magazine. The Valley Labyrinth will be a collection of original student work consisting of poems, short stories, music lyrics, photography, and artwork. Once a semester it will be published for the school and community.

TVHS-AP Computer Science Promethean Board-Ms. Cathy Engard-To purchase a Promethean board to allow students to collaborate on designing and developing AP Computer science group projects. The AP Computer Science Principles is a brand new course offered this year at the high school.

2015-TVCEF Grant Award Winners

TVHS-Freshman Transition Initiative-Tiffany Witman and the Student Council- Tiffany Witman and the high school Student Council proposed a project to welcome the entire freshman class into the Twin Valley High School community. They will reach out to freshman and greet them during the homeroom period on the first day of school. Student council members will share club and athletics information, encourage them to participate and give out Raider Nation t-shirts There will be name signs placed on each freshman’s locker to make them feel valued and welcomed. This project is intended to begin the freshman year on a positive note.

TVHS-High-Altitude Balloon Project-Michael Mannix and Andrew Stine (TVMS)- Michael Mannix and his Physics II students will plan, construct, test, deploy and retrieve a high-altitude balloon with a platform containing a digital camera and a radio transmitter. They will consult with Stell Environmental in Elverson and Retro-tronics in Massachusetts. The design and results of this project will be shared with Andrew Stine’s 6th grade Science students. The project will take place in the fall semester and a successful mission will result in images and video from about 90,000 feet.

TVMS-Middle School Makers-Bill Moczydlowski- Mr. Moczydlowski will be forming a Maker Club for 5th and 6th graders that will meet weekly and afford students an opportunity outside of the classroom to be guided by both personal interest and authentic inquiry. The club will utilize Little Bits electronics building kits to allow the students to create, invent, and learn. This club will be very STEM focused, as students learn the science behind the electronics and gadgets, tinker with technology, engineer new creations and use mathematics to understand the projects. This club will complement the new Project Lead the Way Gateway program for 7th graders in Robotics and Automation. 

TVMS-I-pads for 8th Graders-Jack Morrison- The 8th graders at the Twin Valley Middle School utilize the Discovery e-techbook as a resource for their World History Curriculum. With this grant, Mr. Morrison will continue to build his classroom supply of i-Pads eventually leading to 1-1 ratio. Through the use of the i-Pads, 8th grade students can access content, videos, primary resources and perform assessment activities.

TVMS Day of Peace Origami Crane Workshop-Tammy Taylor- This grant will supplement funding for 2 visiting artists, Alan and Lily Cernak, who will present workshops for 26 art classes in conjunction with the middle school art teachers. Students will work together to create a school wide art project that celebrates the International Day of Peace on September 21. The story of “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” about the bombing of Hiroshima and its aftermath will be shared with the students as well as the importance of the crane as a symbol of peace in Japanese legend. The teachers will lead thoughtful discussion about the importance of peaceful solutions with their students in conjunction with the message of the “Peace Maker” groups in the middle school.

Honey Brook Elementary Center-Acti Voting-Lisa Hughes, Valarie Huntsinger, Jeannie Potts- The 3rd grade teachers at Honey Brook Elementary Center will utilize the Acti Voting system with their students as they learn by interacting with the curriculum using the classroom Promethean Boards. Each student will be able to chime in and participate actively in their learning with this individual voting tool. Teachers will also have instant feedback and be able to quickly assess the students’ understanding of material.

Twin Valley Elementary Center-Creativity at Your Fingertips-Peg Dombach and Melissa Ebeling- Students at the Twin Valley Elementary Center will be able to create projects and videos using Garage Band and a book Creator App on i-Pad minis as part of both the library curriculum and the music curriculum. The focus of these projects will be on creativity, collaboration and problem solving. That will create their own music, E-books and videos to demonstrate learning across subject areas. Lessons will be developed for every grade level that allow the students to use these engaging tools.

Robeson Elementary Center-4th Grade Reading Buddies-Julie Schumacher, Melinda Sullivan, Mary Jo Scholes, and Jill Michener- The 4th grade Reading Buddies will provide an opportunity for 4th graders to serve in a role as a peer tutor for students in grade K-3. This project will seek to enhance student’s reading fluency, accuracy, and comprehension. Teachers will recommend 4th graders who then be taught using the Talking About Books Guide and be given a “Reading Buddy” t-shirt. The 4th graders will be assigned a partner and they will read together each morning. Progress will be tracked and an end of the year celebration and awards ceremony will take place.


TVEC-Capstone Interactive Books, Purpose of the Grant: To provide interactive unlimited simultaneous usage eBooks to TVEC students that support the curriculum of the Twin Valley School District. These eBooks will provide nonfiction content written at the level of the targeted audience. Teachers will use the eBook as a shared reading to introduce content and students can also read and listen to these books at computer centers or from home to reinforce the content and offer reading practice. These books will become a permanent part of the TVEC library collection to be used year after year.

REC-Outdoor Sensory Garden, Purpose of the Grant: To provide a stimulating place for all Robeson students to learn and grow. The sensory garden is both an innovative and creative approach to learning and teaching and can be a stimulating place for children to learn by doing. It provides students the opportunity to be immersed in using all of their senses including sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. Teachers and students will work together to plant and nurture the garden area using a variety of plants and other materials.

REC-Bells for Brilliant Brains, Purpose of the Grant: To fund resonator bells for kindergarten students to play while singing. Students are drawn to playing the colorful bells and hearing their beautiful tones, at the same time reinforcing letters, rhyming words, and also spelling in the lyrics that they sing. This will reinforce foundational language skills while also incorporating musical skill development. The resonator bell kit will give all students the opportunity to experiment, play, and create their own melodies.

TVMS-Apple TVs, Purpose of the Grant: To continue to improve the technology in the classrooms by allowing 5/6 grade teachers to project items from their Apple devices for the whole class to see and interact with. With Apple TV, teachers can use AirPlay to wirelessly stream the content from any iPad, iPhone or iPod to the projector. Teachers will use this to brainstorm, share projects and work together on a project on the big screen. Apple TV will allow teachers to take advantage of their apps. For example, teachers could use the Reading Rainbow app to display mentor texts.

TVMS-iPads, Purpose of the Grant: To enhance student engagement and access to educational materials through iPad use in 5th grade Language Arts and Social Studies classrooms. One of the benefits of using iPads in the classroom will be student access to electronic, interactive books. Books can be read aloud to students through the iPad. The iPad can be used by the students to make multi-media presentations using iMovie that can then be shared to class during an oral presentation. There are many useful apps available for teachers to increase student engagement and proficiency using technology.

TVMS-Historical Fiction, Purpose of the Grant: To excite 7th graders with an interesting writing project that includes a connection with TVEC 3rd graders. The 7th graders will read historical fiction books and discuss the main literary elements. They will then brainstorm ideas for writing focusing in on Pennsylvania history as in connects to our 3rd grade Social Studies curriculum. 7th graders will research, drafting, revise, edit and publish a narrative essay and then wrap back around to literary elements. 7th graders will then make a connection to the 3rd graders by traveling to the elementary center to read their published stories.

TVSD Athletics-iPADS for Athletic Training, Purpose of the Grant: To bring technology and athletics together on the field. The Athletic Training Department is looking to implement the use of iPADS on a daily basis. All student athletes in grade 7-12 will be affected by this project. The technology could be used in a variety of ways including: ImPACT concussion software for on-field evaluations, tracking injuries and treatment plans, checking in officials at the sporting events, monitoring the weather for approaching thunderstorms, and videotaping games to play back for coaches and athletes to show strengths and weaknesses as well as planning out plays.

TVHS-Twin Valley High School Heroes, Purpose of the Grant: To start up a district wide intra-school student based collaborative character education program. Twin Valley High School Heroes will provide TVSD elementary school students with positive high school role models. The participating Heroes will be nominated by teachers, coaches, and club advisors, and each student will feature one outstanding quality or super power within their respective disciplines. Heroes would travel to the elementary schools to teach lesson to students on a quarterly basis. The lessons would be based on problem solving, citizenship, anti-bullying and character building.

TVHS-ACCESS Twin Valley, Purpose of the Grant: ACCESS Twin Valley is designed to assist students achieve the highest level of performance they are capable of, as well as to improve the connection between the music program and our community. The project will enable the music department to stream live video and audio via the web to anyone who can access the internet. This will allow anyone with a smartphone, computer, and an internet connection to watch a TVHS music event live, or to view at a later time.


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